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Healthy Families. Healthy Communities.

Thank You for Visiting the Official Website of The Community Health Action Network.

For More Information About Our Cause and Nonprofit Organization, Feel Free to Get in Touch with Us via Phone or Email.


Help Us Help More 

Welcome to the Community Health Action Network! Since 2007, we have been engaging in community projects aligned with social services for the homeless and low-income families in the High Desert area of California, such as:

  • Emergency Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Affordable Housing Programs
  • Car Safety Restraint Education Program
  • Family Resources Program*

* The program includes the following services: rental assistance, affordable housing, GED prep, and financial literacy education.

Join us Nov. 22!


Share Some of Your Resources

For us to be able to continue all of these endeavours, funding is vital. This is why we appeal to your sense of generosity and community. You are a needed, valued, and respected part of what we do. Your contributions are essential and we welcome your willingness to take part.

Share Some of Your Time 

Volunteering is also an opportunity to make the best of your time! Besides helping improve your community, you can get valuable work experience to list on your resume.

How In-Kind Exchange Works



5 Volunteer Service Hours

One (1) Bag of Groceries

10 Volunteer Service Hours

One (1) Pack of Diapers or One (1) Can of Formula

20 Volunteer Service Hours

$25 Walmart Gift Card

20 Volunteer Service Hours

New Clothing Items or Shoes (Purpose Specific Only)

30 Volunteer Service Hours

Personal Referral for Emergency Utility Voucher

40 Volunteer Service Hours

One ( 1) Stroller or Car Seat*

Volunteer Positions Available

  • Data Entry
  • Graphics Design
  • Fundraiser
  • Bi-Lingual Program Coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Newsletter Writer
  • Seminar Facilitator
  • Support Group Facilitator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Outreach Worker
  • Web Designer
  • Research & Development

Meet Our Funders

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