Health and Wellness Programs


Medical Coverage Assistance

Medi-Cal is California’s health care initiative under Medicaid. Supported by federal and state taxes, the program can cover medical services for children and adults with limited financial resources. Once you are approved you remain eligible for medical assistance as long as you meet the requirements. 
Because health is often our greatest resource, CHAN is available to provide assistance to families interested in enrolling into the Medi-Cal program. We are especially focused on helping pregnant women and families with young children to access medical coverage. For more information on Medi-Cal, visit the state’s website here.

COVID-19 Education & Vaccine Programs

The pandemic has been especially devastating for low-income populations and families of color. In response, CHAN has a two-fold response:
  • Vaccines: CHAN offers vaccination and booster appointments to eligible members of the community
  • COVID-19 Outreach: CHAN is committed to answering community questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, masks, and other preventive measures
Our staff and community partners are available to attend events, churches, schools, and other gatherings to discuss guidelines and practices for healthy living in the age of COVID-19. 

Nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations 

You are what you eat! Eating a balanced diet filled with nutritious food is incredibly important to maintaining health, energy levels, and immunity responses. However, many people simply lack the cooking and menu selection skills necessary to make smart food choices. That is why CHAN offers Nutrition Classes, with topics like Health Eating and Active Living.
The goal of this program is to teach people to cook healthy, nutritious meals on a budget. The classes will also introduce clients to new foods that can serve as delicious options for a robust diet.

Fitness Clinics

Exercise and an active lifestyle are both important parts of healthy living. CHAN encourages our community to get moving with live classes on topics like yoga and Zumba. Most activities are held at the City of Victorville Activities Center on Hesperia Rd. 

Youth Tobacco Use 

According to the CDC, more than 480,000 people die each year from tobacco use. That includes both direct and second-hand smoke exposure. To combat these fatalities, CHAN offers a program designed to teach middle and high school teens about the dangers of both smoking and vaping. These activities can include formal presentations and other forms of outreach.